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  1. Just the new UI are so Confused, hard to remember the shortcut where and how to lead.
  2. In this moment, after update and using v3, I'm trying change into v2, but failed.😣
  3. Thanks for reply. I found and try the static seekbar option(in skin option), it still show as wavebar when playing. And I remember v2, the playing section that I can press somewhere navigate to library, I think it's a good designing for me. I'm looking forward for the planning default library changing. Thanks again.
  4. As a fan of Poweramp, got some thoughts on new UI (Android 8, V3 update from google play.) 1.the bar when playing is so large that I press it everytime, a bit annoying. 2.Can we just make the library more easy to use, let say, make a category as default(user choose), I want folder view as default library view. That would help user changing album/folder more quickly. 3.The bottom on the most right side, why would be a botton lead to setting ? It's not a usually choice for me, I mean, setting is a one time deal, almost. I always a "one hand can do everything" fan, above are my thoughts.
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