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  1. Tnx a lot guys, Build 809 solved my permission problem. Tnx.. 😀😊
  2. Tnx sir for replying so soon.Can it be solved in next update? If my phn Rom is ok? Coz, till build 709, everything was ok, but after 709 no updates were working but at last built 808 got me back, with this permission grant problem. I think it can be solved by you guys, coz it didn't happen before, i did delete songs freely and fairly by this option, so i loved this option. Looking forward to solve this problem. Tnx guys.
  3. Tnx a lot guys. Recently after build 709, no updates worked on my phone. They even didn't open. But build 808 has solve the problem. Now i can enjoy my favorite music player again, with the latest version. 😊 But still got some problems. It can't delete files. !! Every time i want to delete a file, ask for Sd card Grant access. And i did so, but still can't delete. Again the song appears. I did the circle many times, but the problem still there. !! Can u plz solve this? I am using Oppo F1s, Os android 5.1. Anyway, tnx again.
  4. Tnx guys, very good skins. But the volume ratio digit, and bass, treble ratio digits are overlapping with other letters. Pls see this.
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