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  1. This seems counterintuitive to me. Why would the queue ignore the shuffle? EVERY music player I have ever used shuffles the queue if you ask it to. I'm not about to go into Poweramp, go into my library of 800+ songs, skip around from CD to CD, or artist to artist and add songs to my queue for a 1 off play. I'm going to go artist by artist and add the songs I want to hear, shuffle it, then set it to repeat the queue. 

    Every music program I have ever used, going all the way back to WinAMP 1 in 1997 has worked this way, if you have a playlist and play that list, it basically adds it to the queue to play. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Red Balooon said:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a serious problem, that may require moving to a different, and in other ways inferior, player?  I cannot fathom why the option of shuffling a queue would be taken away from those, like me, who use it as their main way to listen to a large collection of music.

    I've used Poweramp since 2011, have often looked to see what else was out there and never changed. I am going back to build 703 that I know works, if I'm ever forced to upgrade and it still acts like this, then yes, I will sadly be looking for a new player. 

  3. 1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

    The queue (as a special exemption from normal playback) ignores Shuffle and Repeat modes, it simply plays the queued items in the order that you have asked it to, and then returns to normal playback afterwards.

    Playlists however have always respected the shuffle/repeat modes, just like albums, folders, artists, etc do.


    This is not how any version of Poweramp has ever worked. I've always added songs to my queue and selected shuffle and it has always shuffled them accordingly. If I try and play a playlist without adding it to my queue, then tell it to shuffle, it plays songs not in the playlist.

    If I have songs in my queue, and shuffle is on, then go into the queue and pick the song I want to hear, it just jumps to the first song in the queue, not the song I selected. 

    Example of how I have always used Poweramp since I bought it in 2011.

    Pick the playlist I wish to listen to, add it to the queue, set it to randomize the song and start the queue over once it's finishd. This has always worked.

    Now, I pick the playlist, add it to the queue, have it set to random and restart the queue over like it has always been, but now it plays the queue in order, and if I go into the queue and select a song to play, it just plays the first song in the queue, unless I turn off shuffle. 

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