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    Advisory Tags Displayed in Poweramp

    Why have advisory tags on Poweramp? - It's a Tag Without tags, Poweramp won't be able to identify songs and albums properly. Advisory tags are now a standard tag in today's music files, especially in .m4a music files. Poweramp can take advantage of this market and become the first music player on Google Play to identify and display advisory tags in its player. - A Potential Plus for Apple Users Switching to Android There are some former Apple users/current Android users that still purchase music from the iTunes store to this day. Some are fans of advisory tags being displayed in the music player. - Gives Poweramp a Modern Attribute of Today's Music Player Yes, Poweramp isn't a music streaming player, but it can have an attribute of one. For example, the iTunes player alone on PC/Mac isn't just a streaming player, it can play local music files too. As an added bonus, if a music file has an explicit tag, it can neatly identify and display it next to the track name.
  2. Hello, one feature Poweramp should have is the ability to identify and display advisory tags (explicit 🅴, clean) in the player and when searching for songs and/or albums.