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  1. Hahaha I have been facing this issue but with a normal session, if i click to next song the album art changes but not the song and then all the player doesn't work, it shows changes but the music keeps playing in the last song it is curious lol and btw haven't faced this in 815 version, try updating the app
  2. I was trying to delete some songs and then the option is not avaible anymore, why? The I went to the list of songs to try deleting from there but the bottom appears disabled... Uhmmm ok lets check the config 4 the app... App can acces files... So where is the option to delete some songs or what can we do to be able to delete songs. Grettings from MX
  3. That is the point of this topic, now I see I am not the only one and btw I use SwiftKey keyboard but by this moments I have accepted the fact that the app cannot follow too fast writting 😕 grettings
  4. Ok I understand, thank you for replying my request, have a good day
  5. These are different files but all are the same song and they are placed in different locations, but what I want is being able to see these duplicated songs and choose what file I want to keep, it is ok that PA includes all, I want to see them and erase the ones I don't want, not only being ignored, grettings
  6. I know maybe this is too much to ask but it would be a great feature to add the function of see the songs that we already have in our library twice, like itunes does, is just an idea and for not always be depending from itunes to see this, just saying asking, it this can be done would be great
  7. I get it, and it can be placed in the library settings then list click action, I hope they add this feature in the next update, grettings
  8. I agree with this, having all the files tagged with the same name of album will allow you to see all the files as one album
  9. Hi, I'm very obbsesive with this too and I use itunes to rename all my songs For the changes to take effect you have to do a full rescan of songs go to the folder options and do a full rescan (the option is at the end of the list) of all your library and then you will be able to see the changes, I hope this can help you, btw I am an Once too lol and can you share what else do you use to tag your mp3 files or m4a??? Grettings from MX
  10. I don't know if someone have the same issue, when looking for a song in the search box if you type very fast then the textbox returns the cursor when you type space it is like Icantwritetoofast I have to write it slowly to write it correctly Does anybody else have this little issue Ps Im using SwiftKey keyboard Do you think it may be a problem for the application??? Grettings from MX
  11. Actually i just have found that the actual playing song goes just in the down part of the list jus above the navigation bar of the app when looking for another song in the library i hope this resolved your question
  12. I think you may refer to crossfade and fade in and out, this features you can found them in the settings and then Audio Options, hope this can help, grettings
  13. Hola Mango Harry, espero poder apoyar con la traducción, saludos to English Hi everyone Usually each user has some files that sounds in good volume like others that noticeably have low volumen o higher I suggest that Poweramp analyze the files in queue and plays all in the same volume Y de pasada amigo responderé a tu petición, el sistema normalizado de Audio se encuentra en el menú de motor de audio dentro de las configuraciones, espero haber ayudado, saludos
  14. Hi, first of all I want to apologize because I have Just realized that all the files that were coming back after searching a song and playing that list again and again was because they were on coming next mode (QUEUE), it was till now that I looked for the title od the list and I realized about this, thanks for your attention, and happy to be helping in the project, grettings from MX
  15. When I choose a folder to play, it only plays the first song and then it goes to other folder recently added into the library, but I want the player to keep goong with the folder that I choosed before, this happens every time i search for a song or choose to other song in a folder, the player goes back to the older folder missing the actual playing list of an album or folder, feel free to ask 4 information if needed, grettings
  16. Hi everyone, The thing is that the player loses the record of the list that is playing and gets back to the list that was playing before 1 start shuffle session of all songs (9k) 2 suddenly got back to a searched list of songs (617 songs) I don't know what causes this if more information is needed feel free to contact Huawei mate 20 lite
  17. Like in itunes i know lol y por cierto tu inglés te salió muy bien
  18. Can we show all the title of the song like it was before? That the title keep passing trough all the display? Grettings
  19. In the past v2 we could select where to go with long press on song like folder album artist or song now we only see the options of the song, like if i click the álbum goes to the álbum (this works is i choosed the song from the album or the folder) but can we be able to choose where I want to go? I hope it is not a problem for you. Grettings
  20. In the v2 of Poweramp we could search songs and choose if we only want to olay the results or all the songs, now with v3 this feature is gone, i hope we can have this back since i search just songs from an artist and just want to play the results of the search. Grettings
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