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  1. First off, thanks to the developers for what is hands down the best sounding mobile device audio player app! Here's what I love about it: The ten band equalizer is simply mind-blowing! The ability to save equalizer presets is awesome! I already have a preset for headphones and another for when the device is plugged into a stereo. Honestly, this is a feature that I've been wanting in a player for a LONG time. I also love that it saves your place when you unplug from the jack and automatically resumes when you plug back into it. Here's what would make it (to me anyway) the best audio app on the planet. Ever: #1: Place a shuffle icon at the top of all library lists. Here's how a user has to shuffle all songs using the current library UI: go into library; go into All Songs; pick a song; click the suffle icon on the player interface; click the next button to make it actually randomly choose a song. Here's how it should work: go into library; click shuffle icon beside All Songs. OR: go into library: go into "All songs;" click shuffle icon (should be the first item in any list really). Your way: 5 clicks. My way: 1 or 2 clicks. Reducing those unnecessary clicks is a major reason why iTunes is so popular. I'm not saying copy iTunes. I don't want you to get sued. I'm saying if your competition has a smart, non-proprietary feature thank them for doing the market research for you and use it. Besides, having the shuffle being the first list item is a feature of all of your serious android competitors as well (doubleTwist has it, proplayer has it). There's a reason for that. It's a nice little convenient feature that people use. #2: Move the "Find" feature outside of the list. Here's why. Say you start scrolling down the list of all songs, and say you have about a thousand on your device. About 7 scroll swipes later, you say to yourself, "You know what. Using 'Find' would probably be faster." Now you have to scroll all the way back to the top of the list. That shouldn't be necessary. You should be able to just tap "find" from any point in any list screen.
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