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  1. Hi all, I am running a Le Eco Le Pro 3 Elite (LEX722) I have enabled the hi-res audio and Poweramp still works as normal however unsure if my phone does actually support hi-res? When looking at the audio config file I do see sampling rates up to 192k? Anyway I have will attach my config file to this post if someone has 2 minutes to review and feedback please. My phone is running the nitrogen treble ROM android 9.0. audio_policy_configuration.xml
  2. Evening all, this is the 1st time posting on here so hopefully not a duplicate but it most likely will be. Anyway, I have had this issue for the past few releases and have updated to the latest version this evening and will test that tomorrow. The bug, when using the app via Bluetooth to the car stereo and using the lock screen player it shows the track scrolling across at the bottom and the track timer counting however, if I scroll more than once it freezes on the last timer count and the scroll bar freezes, the track still moves back and forth as it should but the time and scroll bar is frozen? This is running nitrogen ROM, android 9.0 treble on a Leeco Le Pro 3 Elite (Lex722). Any info on if there is a work around would be appreciated and if not hopefully this will be fixed in future releases. Cheers
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