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  1. Over two months later, the issue still hasn't been resolved. One thing I noticed, though - if you have the home buttons visible while entering the player UI, after hiding them the black bar stays.

    LG G6 (H870), Android 9, kernel version 3.18.120, software version v30a-260-06

    Poweramp version v3-build-842-arm64-play [842004-1a4100c]


  2. LG G6, Android 8.0.0, kernel version 3.18.71

    Poweramp v3-build-838-arm64-play, full version, 64-bit

    When locking my screen with notification center on and home buttons undocked, after unlocking there's a visible black bar under the blurred album art background. I think there are other cases where this happens, but this one is the most easily reproduced.


  3. in the 814 build, more often than not, playback randomly stops after a track, sometimes even in the middle of a song - I did not have the issue in earlier builds. it's really goddamn annoying. 

    also, the track in the mini-player sometimes doesn't match the actual playing track, but that issue has been also mentioned by others. 

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