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  1. #Poweramp play music only. #maybe you will see #set default audio player if already set default audio player settings -> Apps -> find you audio player -> set as default -> clear default; esle run filemanager, open audio file, first select Poweramp & then select always; #each audio type needs to be set, like .mp3 .flac .ape
  2. Poweramp version and build number:v3-build-824-uni(no google play) device model:Samsung galaxy s9+(SM-G9650/DS) Android version:Samsung OneUI(Android 9) Bluetooth device:Sony WI-1000X run Poweramp App ,bluetooth device keep connection: 1.play music , change volume , no volume ui. 2. no music playing, volume ui automatic popup, but I not change volume. 3.use other player app, volume UI be ok.
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