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  1. The new Parametric equalizer  fixes rooms frequencies issues with great precision and rocks the sound. I am amazed.

    Just a feature request: ByPass button on the top corner of each specific entry to turn off that specific entry without deleting it.

    If that's already how to do it, I just missed I looked rapidly.

    Keep it up with passion. The best audio tool I have ever managed for mobile. 

  2. My phone has 64GB internal storage it is difficult to have much of quality music (flac or 320kbps mp3) stored, rapidly it got 20GB of music and I have some 20 GB of video, photos 5 GB.


    I would like to host some musics in my computer and under wifi connection from Poweramp Windows app for PC (the app does not exist thats a idea OK...) To transfering data to Android Poweramp app and make a download make a temporarily download (when download is complete advertise you can play it) in the way that you can select some  music folders to download and after do some unselection to delete files. I want to play music with no fails, so the download must be complete always before playing.


    Instead of hosting music in Computer Poweramp App, under Wifi, you could do this under Cloud Storage thats another try feature.

    Finally, downloading music phone to phone the phone Poweramp App to another phone Powramp app syncronized both under wifi it would be a good idea. You can get music of your friends or your second phone.

    And one more thing.

    I am interested in this since some time:

    (I hope it is not expensive to work, but it would help my music experience in mobile)

    Remote Media Control (Phone to Phone)


  3. Hello,


    Currently, I got a 15 inches speaker (JBL Eon615), and I would like to put a cable in it and connect into my phone and play some music using Poweramp for Android. And simultaneously, I would like to remote control it from another phone, so it is more comfortable, then would be possible to change the music from a coach or wherever I am.


    Basically, I would like to request a phone to phone remote control to be able to remote control Poweramp - I suggest Bluetooth, Local Wi-Fi or Direct Wi-Fi. It is not music streaming, it is only remote control.


    The features I expect:

    - Basics: play, pause, increase and decrease volume, advance to next music and go back to the previous music. You can control here a unique playlist.

    - Intermediary: select a specific playlist, folder and album and artist. Search specific song. Do some equalizing changes.


    The intermediary features would make me crazy happy.


    Actually I got discorvered an Android app "Phone to Tablet" that attends the basics features but it is kind of incomplete. A official Poweramp Remote app would be perfect.

    As Poweramp is Profissional Sound I think it is a useful feature for professional use.

    Thank you.

    Sandro Tepedino


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