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  1. @andrewilley Thank you!!! But the system is telling me you cannot receive messages?
  2. I love Poweramp, seriously! User going on five years now I think. But there is one feature that I hate and that is the queue. Pretty major feature, I know. So I have to imagine that given how well everything else about this app works that I am just doing something wrong. So here is my conundrum. I add tracks to the queue and it plays them. I stop playing them in the middle of the queue (for any given reason), and the next time I go back and click play on anything, usually an album though sometimes a playlist, it will play one song and then go right back to the queue. This usually happens when I am driving, so I have to grab the phone, go back and clear the queue, then hit play on the album again, and then skip ahead of the song I already heard. Also, when I hit "Play Next" on anything while an album is playing, it inserts that "Next" thing immediately after the currently playing song. So I may be five songs into an album of ten, hit play next, and instead of song 6, I get song one on Next. This means that once an album starts playing, I have no means to add another album I want to hear after it. Either I have to know that I must start with using the queue from the first album I play, or I cannot sequence albums once I start. Is it just that I am used to foobar on my desktop and how the playlist features work there, where once you start any album, you can add after that album automatically? Do I just need to suck it up?? Or am I doing something wrong that could be user error? Unrelated: is there any way to change the email associated with your account on here? Or do you have to create a new account?
  3. Thank you! I came here to report after a week of trying to figure it out and was pleased to see!
  4. Thank you, the update appears to have fixed the skipping issue I was having. Any thoughts on the library issues? One other issue I've noticed, but forgot to mention initially. When I plug in my aux and set the volume, I have everything maxxed at 100% (car stereo playback). When I unplug, then plug back in (which restarts the audio immediately), there is a moment where the audio is at the consistent level as before, then suddenly drops a few db and remains lower. No amount of fiddling with the volume controls brings it back.
  5. Thanks Andre, I got the buffering issue fixed and updated the version. The other two problems still persist (#1 & 2). I should mention, I sent this same bug via the bug reporting form 10 days ago and got no response. Not sure how long that usually takes.
  6. Motorola Play G6 on Android 8.0.0, Poweramp v3-build-830-play Phone clears out entire library musical content when the phone turns off or is restarted. Album/artist/song images still show, just nothing will play. Then cannot find folders for several hours. Have tried ejecting and remounting SD card, which is not formatted as internal, both physically and virtually. Phone skips songs during album or playlist playback and the "Failed to Play File' error shows up. When I click on the file manually, it plays fine. The pattern repeats after two songs play, i.e. play song 1, 2; skip 3 play 4; click 3 play 3, 4; skip 5. Etc. Songs sometimes stutter during playback. I can't find the buffer setting in this version of Poweramp?
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