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  1. Thank you, the update appears to have fixed the skipping issue I was having. Any thoughts on the library issues? One other issue I've noticed, but forgot to mention initially. When I plug in my aux and set the volume, I have everything maxxed at 100% (car stereo playback). When I unplug, then plug back in (which restarts the audio immediately), there is a moment where the audio is at the consistent level as before, then suddenly drops a few db and remains lower. No amount of fiddling with the volume controls brings it back.
  2. Thanks Andre, I got the buffering issue fixed and updated the version. The other two problems still persist (#1 & 2). I should mention, I sent this same bug via the bug reporting form 10 days ago and got no response. Not sure how long that usually takes.
  3. Motorola Play G6 on Android 8.0.0, Poweramp v3-build-830-play Phone clears out entire library musical content when the phone turns off or is restarted. Album/artist/song images still show, just nothing will play. Then cannot find folders for several hours. Have tried ejecting and remounting SD card, which is not formatted as internal, both physically and virtually. Phone skips songs during album or playlist playback and the "Failed to Play File' error shows up. When I click on the file manually, it plays fine. The pattern repeats after two songs play, i.e. play song 1, 2; skip 3 pl
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