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  1. I Appreciate your help thank you for clearing my doubt Andre
  2. So in simple words you mean, we cant use shuffle or repeat when the song is playing from inside a queue
  3. Say i selected Repeat Song then it should repeat the particular song that is currently playing but in my case it plays the next song in the queue and also the Repeat List should repeat my entire queue after its done playing the queue's but its not happening
  4. The Repeat Button has 4 Option included in the new V3 they are Repeat Off, Repeat Song, Repeat List and Advance List . But it seems like its not working as it should be . None of the options are working at all i should say . Please check into the matter . Thanks you
  5. "unless permission is never actually given" . The Toast says its granted , if Android didnt give it then it shouldnt say that .
  6. After the grant access has been given it still cant delete the selected song. V2 also had the same problem and the problem still continue in v3 as well.
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