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  1. I also agree with Laffer. Well, the reason why i also requested for this is that i dont know to some of you, but i really enjoy listening to music with experimenting to a variety of ranges, you know, songs suddenly become like a different, vibrant, gloomy, worst or better to your ears suddenly.. like if the original singer is a guy, then changing pitch like it became a lady or vice versa, it changes your experiences with just the same music.. and most of us, i think, sings with the music we listening to so i believe with a feature enabling us changing pitch will makes it easier for us to reach the tone of the music we are singing alongXD
  2. the v3 is so cool. Would be cooler as the title above, i think it would be much cooler if the Poweramp can also have a controller for the music's pitch.. dont want to mention other apps but just for your reference, jetaudio has this feature. Thanks!
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