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  1. I also agree with Laffer. Well, the reason why i also requested for this is that i dont know to some of you, but i really enjoy listening to music with experimenting to a variety of ranges, you know, songs suddenly become like a different, vibrant, gloomy, worst or better to your ears suddenly.. like if the original singer is a guy, then changing pitch like it became a lady or vice versa, it changes your experiences with just the same music.. and most of us, i think, sings with the music we listening to so i believe with a feature enabling us changing pitch will makes it easier for us to reach
  2. the v3 is so cool. Would be cooler as the title above, i think it would be much cooler if the Poweramp can also have a controller for the music's pitch.. dont want to mention other apps but just for your reference, jetaudio has this feature. Thanks!
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