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  1. according to adjustments I do not have that option placed., thank you for your support. I will wait for the next version. Attached image of the option that I have marked.
  2. Thanks for the prompt response. The songs vary, they are not specific. I have tried to open the files from the browser, mostly recognizes them, plays them, sends the message that could not be reproduced, however, from that route if it does. and the trajectory line does not recognize it. See attached file. I have uninstalled the pak from the play store, and I have installed the forum version, and continue with the same problem, I hope to fix it, I listen to a lot of music and there are no alternatives to Poweramp. I do not want to leave Poweramp. regards
  3. Thank you for your response and help 1. I can actually see the files in the folder. 2. The other players do it without problem. 3. I have already given Full Rescan, and it still does not work It's not all the files, I've already tried several things and I can not find what could be causing that....
  4. Pwer Amp V3 Build 832 arm64 play 64 bit Device: One plus 7 Pro Android 9 Oxygen OS 9.5.7 Good day to all!: I have purchased the One Plus 7 Pro, and I have copied my music files through a USB type 3C, the device does not have a micro SD slot, only internal storage, Poweramp gives me that message in "most files". Some songs are reproduced without problem, but most give me the message of Could not play. Dismantled storage. I have installed the apk cleanly from the store, the settings I have left clean. How can I fix that problem? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi all. someone who can share the apk of the latest beta, the file is not available, I have problems with the license that the playstore version does not recognize my purchase on the web. please, I can not solve this while I do not have that apk. Thank you
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