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  1. @andrewilley Thanks, I will wait for the v838 Google Play update, should be coming soon anyway.
  2. @andrewilley @maxmp I haven't received the v838 update on Google Play yet. It shows the installed version I currently have which is v3-build-v826-play
  3. I installed the latest version of Google play Poweramp v826 and updated Oneplus Oxygen OS from 9.0.3 ----> 9.0.4 Everything works well, music is playing smoothly on Bluetooth. @maxmp @andrewilley
  4. @maxmp I unchecked DVC - problems still there. No music playing - Bluetooth connects then disconnects. I can play Spotify and other music apps just fine no problems and music is playing but not Poweramp. I don't think is a ROM issue.
  5. Bluetooth is broken on Poweramp from my end - trying to connect it to my car. All other music apps like Spotify and Soundcloud with Bluetooth work well no problems playing music. I can't play music from PA as bluetooth keeps disconnecting/reconnecting on the PA app. My device: ONEPLUS 3T Android version: Android Pie 9.0/Oxygen 9.0.3 Poweramp version: Build 833
  6. Thanks you Max is v822 or v823 going to have Google drive cloud source?
  7. The poll is closed. I wanted to make sure if MAXMP will add this feature in the next build
  8. As the post above says. Tried of copying music to my storage from Drive
  9. Issues with Google Assistant - I said "Play [Artist] - [Song] in Poweramp" It opens the spotify app instead of Poweramp - spotify is not my default music app on my android phone FYI Also there is an album that I have that showed the Artist name - not anymore - it shows "unknown artist" - that did not appear in v816 Missing album art as well
  10. But on the lockscreen/main screen, I pressed the pause player first and then it won't let me slide to close. I also have the << enabled as well and don't want to lose that.
  11. Sometimes in the lock screen or in the main screen I want to close the notification with a swipe to left/right of the screen instead of hitting the 'X' button.
  12. Never mind I enabled 'Start at Library' option in Settings > look and feel
  13. Make an option for the app to not exit when pressing back button on main player
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