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  1. Why at every update you screw my playlists?It's the 4th time now.What's the problem?Will that issue continue?Playlists with 800+,900+ songs now have only dozens.
  2. The music and artists name could adopt the alternative layout design,over the album art but with faded letters,much less agressive and with a much more professional look.
  3. At each new build (810 now) my playlists disappear. It's the third time.Please stop this!
  4. After build 807 auto update most of my playlists songs disappeared.Playlists with 600,700 and 900+ songs now have dozens or less songs now.Tried get help with Poweramp support but they didn't offered any solution and was of no help.Solved the problem myself checking internal memory (no the SD card one) playlists folder box in settings > library > songs folders,then the M3U8 playlists are displayed on the playlists menu.Then I added these playlists (there were 2 of each,the originals and the copies .1) to each of the matching playlists affected.After that,I deleted the M3U8 playlists and exported the remaining playlists (in settings > library settings > import/export playlists).Finally unchecked the playlists box that I checked before in order the M3U8 playlists not be shown Problem solved!
  5. In my opinion the reverberation controls are useless unless you are a sound engineer OR if you do the favor on teaching is how to use it.
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