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  1. They can't find the time to even address this request, but in the meantime they add silly features like A-B repeat.
  2. I also would like this feature. I have a phone that I use Poweramp on that has a 64gb card in it and carry the vast majority of my music with me when not home. However, I just purchased a Nexus 7 for use at home via wi-fi and I see no reason to move a large portion of my music to the limited space I have on the Nexus. I knew DLNA is not yet supported but I can access my Windows shares via ES File Explorer and I was surprised to find when I select a music track there, other applications come up with an option to play the track, Poweramp does not. Poweramp can only play from it's own library, not any tracks on the fly, and this is a big negative I love Poweramp and really want to be able to use it as much as possible so it's quite sad I cannot make use of the product in this scenario. Obviously, DLNA would be the perfect solution, but perhaps a simpler and quicker stop gap would be just to allow a way for Poweramp to play tracks on the fly that aren't in it's library.
  3. Why is this such an important feature to people? I've never used it on any CD players that had it!
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