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  1. Really? (this to Poweramp, not to any specific poster) I purchased Poweramp quite some time ago. I'm computer literate, have written software in industry (not user stuff, not android stuff) and can find my way around a directory. That being said, I'm no bit-head that loves to fix and fiddle with software; especially music software. I want to chill, hear some of my favorite tunes. When they aren't there, it works opposite; now instead of defusing, I'm REALLY going off! Today I cut some time out to sort out this whole playlist thing. It should be a no-brainer... I'm a paid user, not a developer. I just want to hear my playlist. After an hour or more reading, searching, trying to cut to the chase, I realize that the developers at Poweramp don't care about the use experience with playlists. Many, many words, but never "oh, right, that sucks. We decided to fix it, it'll be dead simple in version/patch/fix X". Having lost dozens of playlists over the last few years, usually because I pulled my SD card and added an album or two... (most recently, this morning, I did a full rescan and add back all lost playlists.The result? My one playlist that I had is now zero'd out.) After all of that, I'm cutting my losses. There are OTHER OPTIONS besides Poweramp. Poweramp does some things great, but I just want the stupid thing to PLAY MY MUSIC, and at that simple task Poweramp fails me over and over again. First and last post. Ill stop by the Play Store to adjust my review/ratings, then will not bother y'all further. Moto; Out.
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