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  1. I fixed this myself. If I remember I went to "Preload Gapless Tracks" and to 2200ms. I t seemed to give me about 3 or 4 seconds between tracks.
  2. I have version 905 with Android 11 on my LG V60 phone. Hepl please.
  3. After using my V30 for several hours for the past couple of days I just wanted to let you know I'm not getting the problem, and thanks!
  4. In the second sentence of your reply it was set to "ON'. I moved it to "OFF". OK? And thanks!
  5. I own an LG V30. I have noticed for some months that some songs are starting 30 sec into the song to 60 sec. I don't know if it's Poweramp, my phone, or, maybe, my microSD card?
  6. OK, I don't read so well, imagine that. In HINTS I looked at it closer. I am to SWIPE right or left. My bad!
  7. A couple of hours I installed build 828. I noticed I can't go back or go to next audio file. A few minutes ago I restarted my Stylo 3 Plus. No change. I did fill out a BUG REPORT.
  8. Thanks for sending the link. That helped!
  9. The Pa unlocker was purchased a couple of years ago. I still have it in my phone. There has been a problem in the past that the app was shut off. It eventually would kick in. I am asking what can I do on my end that it would work without a problem?
  10. When my trial is over for the 816 build how can I help to move the process along regarding to help PA find my Unlocker app? I tried to find something here in the site, but no luck.
  11. Just downloaded/installed the 816 build from the Play Store. As soon as I get a chance I'll "take her for a spin". Thanks!
  12. Sorry for taking too long. No, it's not VOODOO it's called "experimenting". I use 2 microSD cards. One is for my regular music, and another for my Christmas music. You are right about using your computer, or laptop, to allow deleting files. I believe it's called PERMISSIONS.
  13. I am not exactly the "sharpest tool in the toolbox". A little over a year ago I came across Poweramp and was floored with what my audio files sounded. Your reply is Greek to me. A couple of hours ago I downloaded/installed v3 807. All I know is that the files I have in my SD card have NEVER sounded so good when I first heard them back in the early '60's. With over 30 + years behind a drum set the product is allowing me to hear frequencies (yes, I probably played a little too loud than I should have), that I haven't heard in over 40 years ago.The ROM is 7.1.2 . Perhaps my best way of delete is to put the microSD card into my laptop and go from ther.
  14. I had this same problem with v2. How do I "GRANT ACCESS"? I own an LG Stylo 3 Plus that includes LG Music player. The app will let me delete songs. When my list of songs come up in v3 I am seeing duplicates. I would rather delete them in v2. I don't have a clue on how to do this v3.
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