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  1. I think adding more colors to these 2 options won't make people confused because it doesn't add new entries to the customization page and is very easy to understand. I really hope you will do that.
  2. Could you add more color options for Accent Color and Background Color? For songs that have album art, these two color don't mean much but they make a lot of difference for songs that don't. Currently, I'm not really satisfied with any of these color choices. Thanks!!
  3. - For Luminous, can you make the Pro buttons smaller and less glaring (for example: toned down the back circles to a less dark color, or provide an option to hide all these circles: make them black and we don't need these black circles anymore)? I ask for the above because I'd like to use Divided Waveseek and Pro buttons together. In its current form, we are very likely to miss touch the buttons instead of the waveseek bar. - And can we hide some of the Pro buttons? I myself rarely use any of them, except the play/pause button. - Really hope you would add more color-mixs like the default blue-gray: green--gray, red--gray, ....
  4. Some small suggestions for Material2 skin: - Can we have an option with smaller buttons (play/pause, previous/next,..)? - Please add abilities to disable those black background on track info and various elements of the playing screen. It looks horrible, especially on Alt light layout. To solve the problem with white font on white background, maybe we can have black font (or better: user can chose a font color). - And can we disable the round black circle around the buttons? - Can we have blur (album art) without blur background on other elements of the playing screen (navigation bar, repeat/shuffle/timer... buttons)? - When browsing queue list, the minimized playing area (the area where we can touch to come back to the playing screen) have the same background as the list, which makes it difficult to distinguish. We can make that area look slightly different (color?). And sorry for my English.
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