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    Queue Start After Current Folder

    Glad to hear it maxmp. I, too, have found the queue function not nearly as easy to figure out as it once was. It's a very important feature for me, too.
  2. Yuki13

    Changing phones

    I was afraid of that. Thanks
  3. Yuki13

    Changing phones

    I should have been a bit clearer about this, I think. In version 2 on the old phone everything is in a library, and so there's an index. Is there a way to copy that over and have it be recognized in the new phone?
  4. Yuki13

    Changing phones

    No doubt I'm buying version 3, as I bought 2. I have an enormous music collection on the old phone however. What's the procedure for moving it all to the new phone without confusing the heck out of Poweramp? Thanks all.