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  1. Hi, for me too. With my DAC ifi xdsd, Poweramp gives only 24 bits and 48khz. Also, the quality of sound could be better. Phone.. galaxy 10+ android 9
  2. That is the same problem for me (I have a Samsung s8+ too). In case of Samsung s8+ High Resolution output (through the headphone jack), there is not possible to have a good quality sound using 192 khz and 24 bits option.
  3. I installed the PA last versiĆ³n (832). The sound in Bluetooth Is great. However, the problem for the wired connection, by headphone, is not resolved. In wired, If You want for Samsung Galaxy s8 a correct quality of sound, You have to use a 16bits resoluciĆ³n. The quality using 24bits and 192khz Is not enough well.
  4. Thanks. Yes, I have the latest updates. What I said, the galaxy S8 does not works well with a wired connection (if you want to have 24bits resolution)
  5. Hi Andrew, thanks for your answer. I installed the PA 830 and because the sound with the wired options was not good (it was better in bluetooth - Sony mdr1000x), so, I decided to come back to the PA 828 version. I was waiting for a solution in wired, but, I think that the PA 830 does not work well for the Samsung S8+ with Android pie. I know well the great quality sound that gives Poweramp, and the PA 830 is not the problem solution. Thanks again Andrew.
  6. Hi, I have a Samsung S8+ with Android pie. For me, it doesn't work. When I use a wired headphone, i have to deactivate the DVC function in other to arrive to 192khz and 24 bits. Additionally, when I use that, the quality of sound is poor.
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