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  1. Updated to pie version 9, so your saying that the O/S is the problem, not much I can do about that.
  2. Just updated note 9 to pie, volume and sound quality bad, any updates, is this a Samsung problem or pa issue.
  3. Intermittent problem, music just starts on its own, even when Poweramp is not open. Anyone else having this issue, has only happened since 814.
  4. Found the Problem, now displaying on LED cover on Note 9.
  5. Thanks for acknowledging, has anyone else found the same issue.
  6. So no one going to make a comment on this.
  7. release 811, I noticed that when I add a track, it does not show in Recently Added, until I do a Manual Re-scan, Auto-Scan is on, in fact everything in the "Scanner tab" is on, what am I doing wrong.
  8. Still not showing on LED case Note 9?
  9. Can anyone tell me why Poweramp v3 does not display on the front cover of the LED case for Note 9
  10. Artists image won't load, see attachments.
  11. New Note 9 and new LED cover, samsung music shows on front cover as do several other music players, but not Poweramp can this be fixed or is there a reason for it not to show. Peter
  12. New Note 9 LED cover from Samsung, Music not showing when cover closed.
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