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  1. This issue was fixed in v3-build-808-play 👍👍 Thank you so much!
  2. What you say is true. I prefer to enqueue by default but also wish to occassionally play a different song or playlist. This was possible in the stable version and I'd really appreciate if it could be added back.
  3. That would enqueue the song. And when the song is done, it'll go back to the last song I was playing. To clarify, let's say I was playing song no 10 in a playlist with 100 songs. If I wish to instead play songs 50 and above, it is not possible to do so if 'Enqueue and stay in the list' is on. When I tap song 50, it gets enqueue and after that is done, song 11 starts playing. This behaviour is correct and the problem is that I cannot skip enqueue and instead play the song.
  4. In the search screen, please make it possible to view the track info/tags. I find this useful when I have duplicates and want to delete the one with lower bitrate or in a specific folder.
  5. This is related to the 'List Item Click Action'(Settings > Library > Lists). If I set it to 'Enqueue and stay in the list', there is no way to play a specific song in a playlist. When I select a song by long press in a list, the option to play it directly does not appear at all. Please add this option.
  6. I am using OnePlus 6 with Android Pie and Poweramp@v3-build-803-play. I have been facing issues with the audio output on this specific android version. Note that these issues are not specific to the latest version of Poweramp and have been there for all the beta and RC ones which came before it(maybe the last 5). Hi-Res Output which used to work fine on android 8.1 stopped working after the OS update. If I have Hi-Res Output enabled, there is no audio output in my wired earphones. If I disable 'Direct Volume Control', I get audio output but I am not sure how this affects audio quality so I am not using it. With OpenSL ES Output, there is a peculiar noise, a continuous ticker, which is only audible during relatively quiet parts of any song, similar to signal interference. And I have a work around which I have to do every time I (re)connect my earphones. I have to open the audio output settings under 'Settings > Audio > Output > OpenSL ES Output> Wired Headset/AUX settings' and then toggle 'No DVC' twice so in the final state is DVC still enabled. Update: Issue is still present with v3-build-805-play
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