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  1. Hmm, Thanks for the info. I have a couple of other FLAC albums with CUE files which work fine though. Thanks for helping, will keep this in mind for the future.
  2. That actually worked! I don't know why, but it did. I have other albums which have cue files which are detected fine. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for responding. I sent you the email. For some reason long press and then send failed to show share sheet for the failing track (it was working for other files, I checked). I had to send it to you from file manager.
  4. I have a couple of Cream albums for which Poweramp (v3, latest update, although the problem has existed for a long time) does not display the Track name or the artist name in the GUI even though the tags have all the correct info. I've tried reinstalling Poweramp, Rescanning folders, full rescan, removing/reinserting SD card. Didn't solve the issue. Kindly help. Thanks. Screenshots
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