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  1. What would be the best setting, for the highest quality Output in my case? DVC + OpenSL + Music Fx or Hi-Res + MusicFx or OpenSL + DVC
  2. Does that affect the quality i had using Hi res + DVC in previous Android Version. Should i expect any deformation in the audio output? Also, Do i need to keep using Hi-Res ignoring the DVC. * OpenSL + DVC Lags sometimes when MusicFx is enabled, Hi-Res + DVC Doesn't even play.
  3. I was using Hi-Res Output with DVC in my previous android version(8.1 Oreo) on Nokia 6.1 plus but after updating it to Android 9 PIE, there are very noticeable lags in audio especilly in audios with higher bitrate like Flac. Also there are new bugs like Poweramp stops after sometime when phone is idle. I wasn't facing any of these bugs in previous Android Versions. PS, I am using similar settings to the previous one.
  4. After the changelog 802, Problem with Music Fx has sorted but i am noticing a slight degradation in the audio output using DVC, in Hi res output,Dvc Enabled used to be louder than DVC disabled but now it's opposite.
  5. Had same problem with Nokia 6.1 plus with android one. Thankfully the new update has fixed it. Just get the latest beta version.
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