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  1. Is it possible to add the functionality to "set" or "lock" the selection for the small "meta info" button on the UI? I always like it set to preview the next track and always end up accidently hitting the button and changing it. See ">> Drake - Shut it Down" in the attachment to know what i'm referring it.
  2. Yup I did the same. Tagged all my songs with the entire artist and song name as the filename and fixed all my issues (album art and file extension showing in names)
  3. Yeah, i only also noticed this when i re-copied songs to my phone. Only those in that copy had this issue. As soon as i did a "Full Rescan" as recommended in this thread, it created the problem for the rest of the 4,000 songs...
  4. Just had this same issue. After a full Rescan all of my 4,000 songs now don't show my selected custom artwork and for some reason this does not apply to songs with numbers in their filename. Do i have to do a batch rename of all my album artwork to include ".mp3" at the end? then manually go through and delete it for those songs with numbers in them? The old way was great where you could set it to display the filename, but ".mp3" was not shown in the lists or PA main screen song title.
  5. Same issue. Tried everything, but it will not go away, even though it's set as disabled.
  6. Yeah deleting songs from PA itself seemed to fix the issue on both .M3U and Internal playlists and removing all instances of that file in all playlists. If the file is deleted from the phone (outside of PA), you will need to go back and remove the playlist entries manually it looks like, but this is totally fine for what i was doing and will always delete from PA (The file, not just the playlist entry). Previously i was always deleting from the phone or moving files off the phone. thanks
  7. Just tried this and still the same problem with an internal playlist. Copied all playlist entries from .M3U playlist to new internal playlist Deleted one of those song files from the phone itself. Did rescan, and the resolve at the playlist library and folder library an ind. playlist and "missing entry" still remains.
  8. Thanks. Playlists are .M3U files Tried the Resolve/Rescan at playlist level and playlist overall library level (have this set to ON to auto scan already) Tried Library rescan All the auto scans and rescans are set to ON Deleted song file still remains in all playlists after this. Only started happening after build 824. Thanks again for your support. I love PA.
  9. I've noticed ever since Build 824 that the above works as intended, but is sort of creating a headache. If i have a song in 5 different playlists and delete it from my phone, the non-resolving entry remains in all 5 playlists, unless i manually go through each of the playlists and remove it. Even with the following setting turned on, the empty missing song entries will still remain in the playlists after the song is deleted from the device. Is this intended, or an issue on my end? Settings > Library > Playlists > Remove Playlist Entries On Track Deletion (ON)
  10. Can anyone else confirm is this is working for them as far as moving a song to a new location and it updating the playlist entry for that song to the new location automatically? Whenever i move the song, the playlist entry remains, but never get re-linked after i do "Rescan / Resolve Playlists" or the "Rescan" options. Just receive a "Failed to play file! Missing Entry" message when trying to play the song.
  11. Thanks. Hopefully the "Shuffle" and "Play" buttons will then have the same action when pressed "Play and go to Main UI"
  12. Bump. Should i move this to bugs? It acted like this in PA v2, but not sure if this was intended for v3? 🤔
  13. Just confirmed this change in the latest build and works perfect! Where can i donate? Love the new PA
  14. My apologies if i am missing a setting or something else here. I recall this working correctly in PA v2. If you press "Shuffle" or "Play" buttons while in a list, it simply starts playing/shuffling music and stays in the list, even if you have "Play and go to Main UI" selected under "Library > Lists > List Item Click Action" and does't seem to utilize that option for these because they are buttons. Would be super rad if we could have the option for those buttons the same as the "List Click Action" to start playing and go to Main UI like in v2. Thanks so much! Poweramp 3.0 Build 816 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgel Android 8.0.0 Stock Rom
  15. Poweramp 3.0 Build 816 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgel Android 8.0.0 Stock Rom Submitted this in the form too When you add a song to a playlist (rather it be new or a duplicate song), it will display the same message of "Done" regardless if it is added or not added, due to it being a duplicate song with "Don't add duplicates" checked in the settings. There is no way knowing if the song was actually added or not added as the same message is displayed. In PA v2, the message would state: "0 files added" if it was a duplicate song and not added, and "1 files added" if the file was added. This was very helpful in knowing what files are not being added as new or if they already exist. Steps: Check "Don't add duplicates" (Settings>Library>Lists>Don't add duplicates) Add a song to a playlist that doesn't exist > Message will state "Done". Add that same song to the same playlist as a duplicate > Message will state "Done", even though the file wasn't added a 2nd time. Message should state "File was not added" or "0 files added" to let the user know it was not added.
  16. To add to this, i did some testing this morning. As soon as you add a file to a playlist inside PA, it completely wipes out the relative paths for ALL songs in that playlist. So the only way to keep that format intact is to never add a new songs to the playlist via Poweramp. Before: ../Disturbed - Are You Ready.mp3 ../Disturbed - In Another Time.mp3 ../Disturbed - The Best Ones Lie.mp3 After: (added only Ice Cube song from inside Poweramp) /storage/4052-26FF/Music/All/Disturbed - Are You Ready.mp3 /storage/4052-26FF/Music/All/Disturbed - In Another Time.mp3 /storage/4052-26FF/Music/All/Disturbed - The Best Ones Lie.mp3 /storage/4052-26FF/Music/All/Ice Cube - Arrest The President.mp3
  17. You nailed it. This is why. I always made my playlists like you did above with relative links, thus they auto find/re-link once the playlist is imported.The reason my latest issue removes it is because i added those songs to the playlist inside Poweramp, which is why Poweramp does not relink them. It only relinked the songs i added to the playlists on my computer, not inside PW. Solves the reason behind this.
  18. Thank you. This would explain why it links missing files in playlists to their new location on import, but not when they move AFTER the playlist is already on the device.
  19. Not sure if anyone has brought up this question already (looked through search). When you have a song in a playlist (.m3u) and move the song to a new directory on the phone, PA removes it from the playlist after the next scan. Is there any way for it to just keep and re-link the file in playlist to the new folder automatically, just like it re-links songs in a playlist when you import a Playlist into PA?
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