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  1. Sorting the whole playlist backwards function was added on request in the New Playlist Manager App! Many thanks to Theo Klink (flyingdutchman)!
  2. It would be useful to have another simple option to play the playlist backwards (bottom to top). Sorting by the date added isn't the same as you can put them into a difefrent order manually. Alternatively simply sorting backwards in the state it is at that moment (and without choosing any option like "date added" or similar) would be the same too. Anyway, thanks so much for this great piece of software! I'm using it since years now and it's getting better and better...
  3. Please bring the back the list filter / search within list function. It was so useful! I've seen that request from a few more people here... I'm just wondering why it was removed? Cheers! Ric
  4. No it doesn't, but I hope they'll bring it back again! Was also requested here already:
  5. I urgently need that filter function inside a list too!! It was just so great!!
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