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  1. I'm using Axon 7 with LineageOS 16.0 (Android 9). I have a question (forgive me I'm new to this and possibly dumb). Why does is says Variant: Direct HD instead of Snapdragon 24-bit PCM, or mabe it's better?, or is because of not supported ROM? And why does it says 16bit 48kHz instead of 24bit? Is it possible to change that or do I need a stock ROM to do that? I know that the situation around Axon's DAC's is unclear and I heard they only works properly on stock roms, or maybe I'm mistaken? I'm using the latest version of Poweramp form the PlayStore - 802
  2. I have an Axon 7. Last week I installed LineageOS 16. So far it works great but I have small problem with Poweramp. Sometimes - maybe once, twice a day when I pull out the phone from my pocket I notice that Poweramp is turned on and is playing a song (probably last played one). I have my phone set on vibrate all the time so I don't notice it unless I look at the screen. It happens completely at random when the phone isn't doing anything in particular. Maybe it happens with another music apps for other people, I don't know. I read somewhere that it might be ROM sending MEDIA_PLAY signal because of some bugs or something but I disabled all the options that could have effect on this and it still happens... Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance. I asked the same question in the ROM thread on xda but I'm asking also here since someone may know what it is about.
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