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  1. I have made a career out of making "a-ha" observations out of things that nobody thought about before. That wasn't my intent in this case, because I figured that moment must have long passed, concidering the depth of so many other features. But hopefully it will become that for Poweramp, should the dev decide to do it.
  2. I am over this thing, so the devs can do or not do whatever they want. But for about the 15th time, my original post was not a feature request. It is such a "no s#!t" function that is completely congruous with what I was already seeing implemented, that I presumed it was already there. I was not requesting it, I was asking where I could find it simply because the navigation isn't as intuitive as it could be for something so heavy in features and settings. So put yourself in the position of somebody searching for something that they thought probably existed, then look at the replies up un
  3. Actually, what you claim that everyone was saying, is not true. It was a bunch of "why would you want to do that" and "what about Meatloaf and a bunch of other artists that were subjectively thought to be the ultimate wrench 8n what I has asked. Despite me repeatedly qualifying that there isn't a single database anomaly in music, that I haven't dealt with. The "ball busting" was that I never asked for people's opinions and I wasted an hour of my life discussing nothing but opinions, all of which did nothing for me. The "non-ball busting" version of how that should have gone was somebody at the
  4. Bingo. That is exactly it. Of course, there was a second part to my original post that nobody was able to talk about, because it also presumed that this already existed. That gets into how assignment from the artist level would work on additional tags (secondary genres). Going back to the example that I used, if I had my Bob Marley tracks were just how I wanted them, all with "reggae" as the main (trickled down) genre and some with a secondary genre tag of "dub," if at a later point I pulled in a bunch of other Marley tracks with genres that were screwed up, what would then happen then? Would
  5. I just had my balls busted in a different section of the forum pages for not putting this in feature requests, even though the point was that I thought that it had to have already been an existing feature. I am toast after those go 'rounds, so forgive me for just doing a copy/paste of my original post, even though it wasn't worded as a feature request. And if you want any justification for why, please just refer to the posts in that other section. Thanks. 1) This seems like it would be such a fundamental option, that I am guessing that I am missing something in the settings (there are
  6. 👀🤔🙄 Maybe because it is already half way done from what I did already see within the player and why would I want to deal with a separate tag editor if the player that I am using already does it? And I know that this is a user forum, but from the developer's perspective, that is exactly the way that they would be (or should be) thinking. From the little time that I have tooled around with this player, it is obvious that it wants to excel in every area and in most areas, it does. The goal, I would assume, is to create a player that is so compelling that people would want to choose it above
  7. I don't think that anybody got the idea of my original post, at all. First, this isn't a "feature recommendation" post. It was just me asking how to find a function that I presumed was in there. I now realize that it isn't. It is something very much within the scope of functions that the player already allows (tag editing) and would be infinitely more efficient than the approach that everybody else seems to do (tag editing exclusively at song level). And of course, there are tag editors that can be used outside of Poweramp, but by that logic, Poweramp shouldn't have even bothered with any tag
  8. Which is fine, but my original question was to find out where the feature was, but this is the first reply from anybody that leads me to believe that the feature doesn't currently exist. At worst, all that I can be faulted with is seeing such a feature intensive player and pressuming that a fairly simple and rudimentary (in the database world) function was in there somewhere. Thanks for the redirect to feature suggestions. I would have gone there first, if I really didn't think that it had to already be in there. Think of it this way. Obviously, tag editing is a function within the
  9. Sorry, but no. I can't really go through it all again, so just look at my notes on the past two people who replied. And I appreciate everybody's opinions and personal understandings about how they think that databases work, but you have to trust me when I say that I probably have more years under my belt with databases within the music industry that may even exceed the average age of power amp users. And I am talking about databases as they progressed from "point of sale" packages in record stores, to ushering in databases to be used for on-line retail, to digital sales, etc. If anybody
  10. I am guessing that my question wasn't clear enough, so I will bullet point the relevant stuff that relates to your points. 1) Steven Tyler has only released one album and it was country. That is really no different than Darius Rucker's career as a country artist outside of Hootie & the Blowfish. The point that I think that you may have been trying to make was when an artist (band or individual) changes musical paths in their career (note: there was no previous path for a Steven Tyler solo career). A better example of that would be Ray Charles, who is generally concidered an R&B a
  11. Probably upwards of 95% of artists really do only belong in one genre. Very few are truly diverse catalogs that extend beyond a single genre. An obvious example of an artist who has excessively crossed genres would be John Zorn. In the music industry, even for people who had previously never heard of Zorn, eventually became aware of him simply because of the issues that came up about what genre he was. It was much more of an issue when dealing with physical product in record stores. But your Marvin Gaye example shows perfectly, the issue that crops up when trying to make a coherent datab
  12. 1) This seems like it would be such a fundamental option, that I am guessing that I am missing something in the settings (there are a lot). If I go to an artist, I click on the "three dot" menu icon and what I would intuitively expect is the option to choose (or assign) a genre for the artist. A genre that would then override any inconsistencies down through their catalog of albums and songs (like when a band of one genre is the anomaly on a soundtrack dominated by another genre). 2) while I figure that the above option is just flipping a switch in my settings, this second (and third) pa
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