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  1. Hi everyone, Has anyone over here had success with running wavpack(.wv) files on these recent Poweramp releases? I'm having some problems with such files. To be more specific, only the first and the last tracks are shown and playable of wavpack albums, which wasn't the case earlier. Atleast till the the 796 build, all tracks were visible and were playable. I also reported this during the 805 release event, but I'm afraid this might have gotten overlooked. Thanks a lot for this great player Max.
  2. Just to bring to your notice, wavpack(.wv) files are not working properly in this release, just like its predecessor. It was working until the 796 release atleast. Thank you, and thanks again for you efforts Max.
  3. I apologise if this has been already asked or answered previously over here, but are wavpack files working for anyone over here in the 802 release? I've an album in the wavpack format and only the first and the last tracks are showing in the app. This wasn't a problem with the 796 release. Other than that everything else works excellent for me, thanks a lot max for your efforts.
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