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  1. Currently testing the Beta, which is awesome. However, in list view, when viewing albums by "recently added" order (list options), if you click on the "reverse order" tick box, Power Amp shows the list in reverse alphabetical order, not in reverse "recently added" order (Newest additions at the top, rather than the bottom). This was also a bug in earlier versions but I was rather hoping it would be fixed. Minor quibble but very annoying.
  2. Thanks. Didn't realise this was an SDK problem, you should perhaps make this more clear in your update information as I spent a lot of time trying to fix this myself. Unfortunately, the skins that don't work are not being updated by lazy skin devs (not your fault) which is frustrating, but at least I know why now. Thanks for reply.
  3. Still having this problem. Fresh Green skin still says Update Required! Sony Z1, Android 4.2.2. Anyone else having this or have a fix?
  4. Hi, running latest build (2.0.9 - build 534), on Sony Z1 but all 3rd party skins still say "Update Required". I have uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp, but no luck. Any advice update on this issue
  5. Hi maxmp I don't understand how this will work. If I have both my /Podcasts and /Music folders selected as media folders, how can I shuffle just the /Music folder? When I look at the folders view in PA 2.0 There is no longer any way, so far as I can see, to exclude (or only include) certain folders: it merges the content into one view.
  6. Great interface and lots of improvements. However, now PA handles it's own library, podcasts in folders that were previously excluded from stock player library, now appear in PA. This is a real pain when the 'Shuffle all' function is on, as it will now include podcasts. You really need to put in an 'ignore folder on shuffle' function when selecting media folders to scan in PA. Hope you sort something out, as this has already become a pain, as I have many podcasts and will now have to exclude podcasts from PA entirely and use stock player or another alternative. NOTE: I have previously posted t
  7. Ah, that's right, PA 1.x used stock player's library. That would explain it. Never really thought about it, was just glad it worked - now it doesn't... How about it PA guys 'Exclude from shuffle' as a track/folder option? It makes real sense. You already provide per track/album equaliser settings.
  8. Hi Andre In iTunes (Urgghhhh!), you can label tracks to be excluded from shuffle. I no longer use iTunes and won't have it on my PC, but it was one of the few features I really liked. Not sure how I found it, but I ticked my 'Podcasts' folder as a search folder in Power Amp and touched the view icon (top right on PA 1.4 in Folders view), and I could go straight into the Podcasts folder and play podcasts. Nothing from that folder ever appeared in Library view however. Basically: In PA 1.x Library view only showed tracks from Library and Folders view would show both Library and Folders. In 2.x L
  9. Loving the new look but have one problem. With the old library/folders system, I could put podcasts into their own folder and Poweramp wouldn't play them during "shuffle all" playback. Now they are integrated into one view, I assume they will play every time now. This will become very annoying and prevent me using Power Amp as I have many podcasts. Is there a way of excluding folders from shuffle? Otherwise I'll have to go back to stock. I would hate that as power Amp is Soooo good. Please advise
  10. Love, Love, Love Poweramp - makes my droid worthwhile. However, I'm having a problem with the alphabet slider when scrolling through albums (I've got about 300 albums on my phone so using this to locate specific albums is very useful). Just recently, when using this, the letter indication stops displaying at the letter 'D' and only picks up again at 'N'. I've re-scanned the library and did a battery pull re-set, but this still happens. A minor thing but very annoying. Has anyone else encountered this or have any theories on a solution?
  11. Wow - this a great media player, I don't use anything else except, occasionally, Lithium, once in a while for crossfade (but I see that's coming in PA V2.0 - fantastic news). Anyhow, I love the ability in the latest update to save equaliser settings, but could we have a function to apply to a range of tracks or more essentially per album, rather than per track for custom settings. This is useful but would lead to hundreds of different equaliser pre-sets and albums tend to suffer from the same problems when it comes to lack of tone. Just allowing the application of any EQ setting to an album w
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