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  1. I absolutely cannot understand the design decisions made in v3. Sure, animations are nice and smooth now, but what in the world is the main player screen? Everything is stacked, as if someone just threw the elements on screen without any regards to usability or even basic looks. My biggest pet peeve is how you're unable to disable or scale down the seek bar in addition to the screen now being 50/50 album arts and control surfaces, which makes them way too big on phones with large screens. Also why the hell are the visualizations BEHIND the album art? I'm really trying to like the new design, but I can't. It's too cluttered, too crowded, too chaotic. The old design was perfect and I saw no reason for it to change, and frankly, I'm still confused why this design revision was even necessary. E: I'm referring to portrait mode, since landscape actually makes somewhat more sense.
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