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  1. oh thanks for the help. Fixed it. And yeah, the delete option for songs in queue only removes it from the queue.
  2. So the latest update has rendered the delete button unclickable. Is this a bug or an issue with permissions? Because it was working just fine a couple of days ago.
  3. If you take a look at the green rectangle I've marked, I feel like that part occupies a little too much space than is necessary for just play/pause and forward/backward buttons (don't mind the repeat,shuffles and visualisation buttons, I accidentally included them in that rectangle). If you can decrease that area's size and hold that thought while you look at the orange rectangle I've highlighted, that part is totally not necessary. It was really nice the way it previously was with the three dots that expanded a menu with all the necessary options. Considering these two parts, a lot of space can be made to adjust the song's tags instead of putting them on the cover art. I don't like anything on top my cover art. The cover art is important for me and I don't want anything obscuring it. An option to choose to change where the tags are displayed would be greatly appreciated. I love all the other visual upgrades you guys have made in v3.
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