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  1. For the programmers: please have a look on the source code of the application "AirAudio" (requires root). With this really useful app you'll be able to cast your smartphone or tablet audio on all kind of receivers like Airplay, Chromecast, Sonos, DLNA etc. Awesome - trust me!
  2. Both is needed for the best Android music player on earth!
  3. Definitely the very best Music player if there would be multi room output like "AirAudio" or "Whaale" does and easy way of playback from multiple sources (NAS, Cloud Servers etc.) would be possible... Please bring the share button back into the regular Player skin/window, where it was possible in older versions. What's about the (payed) third party skins and refunds? Thx a lot for your professional support and feedback within the next few days and many greetings from Berlin, Ralf
  4. Can't even find the right option in newest v3-Build818...
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