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  1. Now it's getting weird. The file name isn't the same as the one in PA library, and the track length indicated as 1 second...
  2. I think I had the problem solved. Turn the Parse CUE Files off in scanner setting does bring the missing songs back. But sadly, some albums that has just 1 big FLAC file and need CUE file to split them are disappeared from the library... So, the problem isn't entirely solved now.
  3. Thank you for replying. Sorry, I don't do encoding, so I don't know if my files are corrupted. But hey, it's working now. Setting ignore short tracks to include all does bring my songs back. Thank you. The missing tracks now appear as 1 second in length, even though the info/tags of the missing song indicates the full length of the song. But nevermind, because now i'm able to play the songs normally. But why did the problem happen at first place? Because it doesn't happen with many other albums. It'd be nice if I don't have to get around these settings, I suggest Poweramp sort this one out. (Some people who has this problem might think so) Anyway, thank you very much for your help, djdarko. I really appreciate it.
  4. This is another case... In my previous topic, some songs are missing in PA library without any clue. But in this case, the songs seem to be merged in one another. The list of songs in the album says that a track length is 41:26 mins. It seems impossible, so I guess that the missing songs could've merged in that track. So, I tried playing that song till the end in order to hear the missing songs. But, no, the song ends in just 4:09 mins which is exactly the same length that is indicated in the info/tags of the track. Most importantly, I'd like to have my songs back. But I don't have any idea how to. I did try to run a rescan and full rescan, but the issue still insist. See the pictures to get the idea. - First, The song that seems to have merged some missing songs ends at 4:09 mins. - Second, As you can see in the list, it says that the first track length is 41:26 mins. (The last track also has the same issue) - Third, While the PA's list has 3 tracks, my file explorer has 10 tracks. LOL - Fourth, The track's info/tags indicates 249secs (4:09) and everything seems usual. There isn't CUE file in this folder though, so that's not the cause of the problem. My device, same : Samsung Galaxy A8+(2018) Poweramp V3-build-803 Android 8.0 Thank you for you help in advanced. ,Best wish
  5. Thank you for replying, Andre. I don't think there's anything unusual in the tags of unscanned songs. I compared both the tags of scanned and unscanned songs, and they look almost the same (because they're in the same album). Next, i'm able to play the unscanned tracks on PA via the file explorer normally. See the pictures for comparison. The first pic is form one of the unscanned songs. Second one is one of the songs that are already in the PA library.
  6. First, I have to admit that I have huge amount of songs (1200+ songs) in my SD card. But I don't know if that would cause some tracks to be missing. If so, please enlighten me if i should do something with all these songs. My device: Samsung Galaxy A8+(2018) Poweramp V3-build-803 Android 8.0 The album which some songs are missing has 13 songs when i first download it. But now I just noticed that not all the songs are in the list. Now there are only 7 songs in the album It's weird how songs are missing just for this album. Many other albums just don't have any problem. Even though I tried to run both rescan and full reacan many times, I still can't get my songs back Here's the proof that this problem is real (see the pictures). As you can see in the file explorer from my device, there are 13 songs in the folder. But when you look in the app, There are only 7 songs. Please help. Any suggestion are appreciated. Thank you in advanced!
  7. Often happen to me too. Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Android 8.0
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