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  1. It may be that I have unusually fat fingers, but it seems that the repeat button (especially, "jump to the next category") gets set without my intending to set it. Is it possible to completely disable the repeat button, and, for good measure, the shuffle button? I'm afraid that I only listen to audio books and complete albums, so, so far, have never wanted to use either button. Best wishes, Bob
  2. Ah. Operator error on my part. I just started a 15hour track, and they are there. Apologies and thanks. Bob
  3. ROM: LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10) Poweramp version: v3-build-866-uni Previous version 864 (I think) The -10/+10 Rewind Pro Buttons no longer display. Both "Pro Buttons" and "-10/+10s Rewind Pro Buttons" are enabled. They worked in the previous version I used, which was 864 (I think). Very useful for listening to audio books. Best wishes, Bob
  4. So the devices I mentioned expect, roughly, that the pause button will cause Poweramp to pause, if playing, and play, if paused. Whereas Poweramp requires a real play to unpause. The behaviour of Poweramp sounds reasonable to me, so perhaps this "bug" is best ignored. As an aside, I use a generic "truely wireless" earbud to listen to audio books when going to sleep. That worked properly. Best wishes, Bob
  5. Thanks. The phone is a LG G5. The bluetooth devices are Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headset, Pioneer SE-MJ561BT headset and Anker SoundCore Sport XL speakers. Best wishes, Bob
  6. Poweramp version: v3-build-820-uni Android version: 8.1.0 (Lineage OS) The problem is that the controls on a bluetooth headset will not unpause the player. Pausing works just fine; volume works just fine. It just won't start playing again after I pause. Other players (native music player and audible) work correctly. It may be that I've don't have it configured correctly. I have "Keep notification" and "Always Keep Notification" turned on. I have "Respond to Buttons" turned on. Here is a screenshot of the "Last Processed Commands" output, after I pause a
  7. Thanks. I checked more carefully. It does work in almost all cases,. It appears that it fails only when I'm listening to files that I split using a particular tool. I suspect that, for those files, the appropriate markers aren't in the file. It is an outlier, and not worth worrying about. Best wishes, Bob
  8. Version: v3-build-803-uni; Device: lg G5; ROM: Lineage 15.1 (android 8.1) self-build When I try to fast forward at the controls screen it always goes to the beginning of the track. Especially a problem given that I'm listening to an audio book which is in chunks of 1hr. The previous version worked fine. Best wishes, Bob
  9. All copacetic now. Many thanks. Best wishes, Bob
  10. Hello, version: 799, device: lg g5 (h850), ROM: Lineage OS 15.1, unofficial, self-build. I'm a new user, so this may be operator error. I update the directory holding music by rsync (sshelper). That goes okay. I rescan the top directory in the hierarchy. The new folders are there, but instead of being displayed alphabetically, the new folders are at the top. Within the sub folders the files are displayed alphabeticallly. Operator error? Intended result? Bug? (I could probably fix things by "touching" the directories, but that might involve a complete new scan.) Asi
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