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  1. Has anyone problem with scanning library after adding new music? It scans all the time over and over again and it's impossible to add new files.
  2. When you enter specific genre is it possible to see artists, one by one, in that genre instead of all albums? Something similar what iPod offered. For me iPod's UI was best. Very clear and fast scrolling through the library.
  3. I've noticed some bug wich started version V3 809. When I resume play button after two seconds of pause (no matter physical or virtual) PA exits to main screen and then I have to manually open it and press play button once again to listen to music. It's very frustrating and It happens always when I press pause/play Does anybody knows that problem?
  4. I have the same issue. It stops during the track. Doesn't matter format and bitrate. It can't read anything from library. I'm using Fiio X7 II.
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