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  1. Poweramp version: build 893 In the picture, you can see my audio focus settings. However, when I receive any notification from external apps (facebook, whatsapp, messenger), Poweramp music stops for around 2 seconds, skips the music for that time and continues playing again. This interruption is annoying. There is an option to duck volume which is not good either, it reduces Poweramp volume. Instead it would be great to reduce system volume and keep Poweramp volume constant for non interrupted music playback. Windows (PC) has this feature in sound mixer. It would be nice if you could implement it here too if android allows it.
  2. I have this problem too for a few months, posted it too earlier, found no fix so stopped bothering about it. Device: Nokia 6.1 plus
  3. Device: Nokia 6.1 Plus Variant: TA-1116 OS: Android 10 Poweramp version: v3 build 860 (full version) Last night I installed OTA software update Android 10. After that, Poweramp shortcut from home screen is getting removed automatically. I mean I keep shortcut on home screen to easily access it cause I listen to music a lot. But It's getting removed. I add it again and it gets removed after a few hours again. Look at screenshots.
  4. Never mind, the problem got fixed automatically. Don't know what caused it, don't know what fixed it.
  5. Device info: Name: Nokia 6.1 Plus Android version: 9.0 (Pie) v3.54H ROM: Stock ROM Google security update: 1 July 2019 Poweramp version: v3 build-838-arm64-play (Full version) Problem: Okay, so Poweramp worked perfectly, but today I got the new security patch from Google for my device. After installing it, the Poweramp lock screen doesn't work anymore. I hope the devs will find the problem and come with a solution.
  6. Is it possible to add options to change or customize fonts in PA interface? That would beautify the app more I think
  7. That's exactly what I wanted to say. I'm glad I could make you understand. I haven't seen that ticker in v3 anymore that's why posted this.
  8. Dammit, wrong screenshot, look here
  9. Not that, look at the screenshot. The Red marked area where the notification panel is. PA used to show me ticker when the current song was about to finish and next one was to play. It showed the next song info for 2 seconds on the notification bar on an old android device running on kitkat. I don't see that on my current device anymore thats why just wanted to know.
  10. In PA v2 I could see ticker on the status bar letting me know which song will play next when current song ends. But I haven't seen that in v3. Is this a bug or Android issue? My phone is running on stock Pie.
  11. And also to set the dB levels numerically than just the slider. Because sliders aren't precise
  12. So I noticed custom volume level in Poweramp interface which is a good thing. Because it shows volume percentage where my default Android volume aduster doesn't. But it doesn't work after i minimize Poweramp. Need this feature outside Poweramp interface when track is running to know exactly what percent volume I'm using. Look at the screenshots for better understanding. 1st screenshot is volume adjuster in PA 2nd one is outside PA when music is running
  13. Yeah, to show peak as red, normal as green, low as blue/yellow
  14. Nope, this.I want to colorize these spectrum bars. Is there anyway to do it currently?
  15. Hi, is there any way to make the equalizer screen spectrum RGB?
  16. I'm also facing this. But in my case, a lot of songs are showing same album art of a specific song Device: Nokia 6.1 Plus OS: Pie
  17. Blur option is working as it is seen in the video. Maybe disabling Android lock screen album art is not supported by your ROM that's why it's not working.
  18. That is not Poweramp lock screen, thats Android lock screen functions. And these are not compatible with all ROMs.
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