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  1. Hi Please please help me how can I send intent for scanning a folder Thanks Viki
  2. hi i have created a task in Tasker where i repeatedly copy and delete a song to a single folder to play searched songs using autovoice(because Poweramp plays all songs in the folder and i want to play and stop Poweramp after playing single song) and i need to rescan folder after every delete so could anybody please tell me how to rescan folder in Poweramp i use this intent but it didnt work Fm (218) A1: Send Intent Action:com.maxmpz.audioplayer.ACTION_SCAN_DIRS Cat:Default Mime Type: Data: Extra: Extra: Extra: Package:com.maxmpz.audioplayer Class:com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PlayerService Target:Service thanks regards viki
  3. Thanks @Mr_SeLeNiO I am facing two issues now first is it didn't play the intended song Secondly with the above approach of searching,filtering music from the database the problem is that it will not stop playing after the intended song is played, it will go on to play all the songs in the folder which is not desired What I want want is (Action Box plugin for tasker ) style play where we just use the file path of the track and it will play the song and then stop. In action box the problem is that we cannot use variable Is there any other way of achieving this task? Thanks again Regards Viki
  4. Thanks flyingdutchman I am new to this forum, could you please tell me how can I connect to @Mr_SeLeNiO Thanks again Regards  Viki
  5. Hi andrewilley Thanks for taking note of my query Could you please help me setting up this Poweramp Play1 (371) A1: Send Intent [ Action:com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND Cat:None Mime Type: Data:content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/storage/emulated/0/A.Music/Devo Modern + Melodious/Vishnu Remix By Azitiz 3.flac Extra:cmd:1 Extra: Extra: Package: Class: Target:Service ] I don't know what to use in Data field so that it can play my file Thanks again Regards Viki
  6. hi this is my first post (i dont know if this is right place to post ) please bear with me my question is how can i start to play a song in Poweramp using send intenet in tasker thanks regards viki
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