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  1. I belatedly realized that the file in post was m4a format, not ogg format. I am sorry for this. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uzuetreuae9o248/AAAy4f6kdmTntd2yfPh8HHHMa?dl=0 Here it is! you can access that music files. P. S. When I played it with an MPC-HC player, i noticed it wasn't a player problem, it was a file problem. The same problem happened to the player. You won't have to look into it anymore. I'm sorry.
  2. Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy A20 (Korean) Android Version: 9.0 Pie Poweramp Version: V3 Build 841 When playing ogg(aac format) file, Decoder kbps info is weird why shows 4kbps? that file's kbps is 128
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