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  1. Perfect, I will do that, thanks man
  2. They are, of course. I figured it out though, it's ignoring tracks in those playlists written with the Cyrillic alphabet.
  3. Thanks, I downloaded it. When I try to apply the ratings, it says 'feature not available in this version of Poweramp'. newest Poweramp.
  4. It would be amazing if Poweramp could load ratings from tags. To be able to save them too if possible. But at least loading them would be awesome. Thanks a ton if you guys could do this in the future.
  5. Hello. Playlists created by a different player don't contain all of the tracks. I rebooted phone, did the refresh playlist option, etc. They are .m3u. I use a different player on the PC to make them because they are smart playlists for specific ratings, genres, moods. Maybe that's why? But sometimes it works when l hit the playlist refresh button and sometimes it doesn't. Newest Poweramp version, galaxy s9, android 9.
  6. Thanks a ton man, can't believe I didn't notice this before. I've been preoccupied lately.
  7. Thanks Guys. This worked I should have noticed that setting on the bottom. 🤦‍♂️
  8. I have a huge library and a simple yes or no for each track isn't the best option for me. If time is limited sometimes I only want to hear all 4-5 star tracks. While other times I like to mix in 3 stars. And 2 stars is reserved for "Decent" but not good enough for everyday, but maybe worth checking back again some other time. It would be amazing if you could save them to the tracks too and not just the playlist. In the format of 10, 20, 30, 100. 100 being 5 stars. Then it can compatible with another media player I use to create auto playlists. But I prefer to use Poweramp as my main since it's very awesome and also sounds amazing. Thank you much in advance if you guys could do anything about this, or create an option for both. and thank you for bring in "album artists" and composers sort settings. you guys are awesome.
  9. I re-scanned multiple times and have the special option checked. There are double entries for everything and no album art anymore. v3-826 Galaxy S9, android 9, updated. I'd rather not reinstall it and lose all my eq settings.
  10. Most of my albums have many featured artists within a single album so sorting by artist is messy. I always view by album artist in the media players in windows. This is easiest and most efficient since there are many albums even under a single album artist. Please make this an option. Also. Please auto load and save new ratings from/to the tags! I use another media player at the moment because of these two features that are very important. I like to sync back tag ratings to my laptop. I already bought Poweramp and I would like to use it as my main since the sound quality blows everything else away. Also, it doesn't seem to be updating from the playlists I have that are made from smart auto in another program. It loads them once the first time and that's it. Maybe it could refresh them every time the program opens. Also please stop the back button from exiting the app, I've done this over a hundred times by accident. Thank you in advance If you could also add %comment% & %grouping% options to view and sort by that would be fantastic, but the first two requests are my main priority. Just noticed the other day how it has a setting that auto handles gapless and crossfade depending on album type, that is awesome. good job.
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