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  1. I disabled the Duck option and switched to HI-Res Output (Wired Headset/AUX) only. It Seems that is working method. Thank You Very Much, Sir ??
  2. This was before 804 Update. just updated to 804 now, I will try it and revert ?
  3. That is so true. Whenever any incoming notification. The track start to tear (skips) I don't now how to describe its happened me also. I was about to report this issue. But I'm joining forces now ?
  4. Hi Max, Im trying to open MusicFX by pressing and holding the button but it's taking me anywhere. I started a discussion about please review it. Hopefully it's not an issue on my end.. Regards,
  5. *** Update*** This issue is sorted now after the MIUI update fix ??? Can someone close it now, please? Hi All, I bought this mid range phone (Xiaomi mi a2) with Android one program (8.1.0) I've been using Music FX all the time with previous phones, but this one whenever I press and hold it doesn't take me anywhere. I don't know if it's something wrong with the app or the phone. I thought to report it here. Hopefully it will be be sorted. Regards,
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