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  1. Just to ask all Oreo user,  did you all need to disable the Direct volume control  (DVC) to avoid the bad quality sound (too much bass so that the sound is "breaking' ) and  set the Replay Gain to more the -10dB  (say -15 dB) to avoid the breaking sound?

    My device is LG Q6+ , Poweramp worked fine in 7.1.1 previously, but it have serious sound problem after upgraded to Oreo 8.10.


    Thanks for reply.

  2. 19 hours ago, djdarko said:

    The main issue I keep having is a random stop in playback, sometimes in the middle of a song, sometimes at the end without finishing the album. Other than that, I'm really enjoying V3.

    I encountered the same problem too, suddenly stop during playback, and the apps have forced to stop and cannot be opened again. 

  3. After up grade to Android 8.10 (Oreo), sound become bad. I was told to turn off DVC and apply the Replay Gain (by turn down the RG preamp  to under -10dB), It works fine ....but the master volume become quite low (because it  was turned down 10dB),  I always need to turne to above 95% volume . Are there any solution to restore the good sound like Android  7.1.1?

  4. On 9/22/2018 at 8:07 PM, pauzak said:

    hmm, is there a way to disable updates?
    I keep installing the older build, but it secretly updates to this broken one which is still unusable non the less in my opinion. 
    F.A.Q didn't help
    It;s kinda annoying since u have to uninstall first to get it work, and then wait for scan to complete on  25.888 songs -_-

    go to google play, left hand upper corner (click the 3 line bar), then "click my apps and games",  then click "installed", search for Poweramp, click it,  then click the right upper corner (3 line bar), then uncheck "auto update"

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