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  1. Hi, Still an issue for me to. I also have other friends with similar android car stereos who are having the same issue.
  2. Hi All, To anyone wondering. I have had a chance to revert to a previous version of Poweramp (build 588) and the hardware button functionality on the steering wheel controls is now fully functional again. Updating the build of Poweramp had broke this functionality. It would be great if this functionality is fixed in the new build that someone could update this thread.
  3. Ok thanks mate. I didn't see that section. Ill try it out and see if it fixes the problem. @everyone else Thank you for your feedback on the issue. In summary it seems like since the new build of PA was released there have been ongoing media input external hardware button issues with many different devices including bluetooth devices, headphones, head units etc. For now I will be using an old version to resolve the issue. It would be great someone could update this thread if the situation changes.
  4. Does anyone know the easiest way to install an older build of PA? Where to get etc. Currently every time I need to change a song I have to look at the cars head unit and and use the touch screen to hit 'NEXT'. While it does not seems that bad. It is definitely not a safe thing to do while trying to drive at the same time.
  5. I completely understand however you seem to be very very quick to say the issue cannot be fixed/supported. Like I said earlier, it was working completely fine before the update so the dev team has changed something related to this. I am sure I am not the only one having these problems. I have already tried using tasker for other app purposes. Its really not worth the hassle but thanks for the suggestion. Agree about tasker. Ok so others are having problems also. Good to know the issue is a larger scale with other hardware so it has a higher probablity of being bug fixed in an upcoming build. So I can confirm that my car head unit was always on OREO and the steering wheel buttons where always working without fault on an older build. If you mean an issue with the latest build of PA and OREO then sure there could definitely be an issue.
  6. Hi @clever_man, Is this really the response I am going to get? The fact that it was working before the update is a bit strange. Something must have been changed for this functionality to cease. It would be great to get a more technical answer from someone. I also had the idea of using an older build. Is there a way this can be achieved? Cheers.
  7. Hi, I am running an android (OREO 8.0) car head unit with Poweramp installed for my music needs. Unfortunately the steering wheel controls no longer work after updating the app on the head unit however they did work before the update. I updated it from a much older build (I know as the new build has a new layout) and it is now running PA build 797. Its a bit annoying as this is the reason why I purchased PA. Is there any advise or workaround to get this working again? Let me know if I can provide you with anything to assist troubleshooting the issue. I have performed an uninstall of the app and a reinstall which had no effect. Cheers.
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