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  1. There's what I mean. I've got the example from foobar2000 (even though it plays really hard and as-artist-records but I don't like their design). However the title of album can be hidden in the library when you scroll all albums catalog or choosing one from Artist list. I wait for it really long, to be frank, and feel offended to see it in a player, which design is quite ugly (And btw please make ability to choose covers corners because I like an original picture and rounded corners drive me mad for YEARS Thank you kindly
  2. Oh hell, it worked, I hadn't even notice that selected this. Feel so stupid ? Thanks alot, Andre! BTW how to delete a topic? I mean it's not useful as we've seen
  3. I also need the adding lyrics in id3 tag as feature cuz needed to download an app for this. Pretty uncomfortable
  4. +100 i have Bravia on Android TV and miss this function as I can't play tracks on this
  5. I have lot of albums in my library which being played by que file. To be frank, I'm sick of this coz I have my every track separated by albums and artists and there are only album titles with 40 or 50 minutes length
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