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  1. I also asked for something similar to put the lyrics of the song through the application itself but so far there has been no response and I think an idea similar to yours would be very good in Poweramp.
  2. a is not a good app but Poweramp is much better just like that detail even I like to follow the lyrics.
  3. Does anyone know if it has the option to put the lyrics of the song directly by the application itself ??
  4. Thank you my friend I was able to put a star rating and the counts of times played I also found it and I really enjoyed it!
  5. O que você acha da Classificação Positiva / Negativa? Preferiria uma pontuação de 0 a 5 estrelas. Seria bom contar quantas vezes a música foi tocada também.
  6. É bacana buscar na internet CAPA/ letra porém tem que ser possivel EDITAR TAGS e ADICIONAR LETRA música.
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