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  1. Lol, thanks. I didn't notice it was always there. Now if the text was a little more bigger... but at least I've what I needed. @pauldamo @andrewilleythanks. Yes, the 4 boxes button works but maybed what I needed to mention Is that I usually play an album and when I decide to listen to a specific song from another list, i goone screen back. This might be because the song is in a different album but the same genre o same artist, which is why I wouldn't want to go back to the very beginning, but probably is only my issue. Thank you for your sugfestion though, i found out too you can swipe from left to right to go back so this might help me not close the app accidentaly.
  2. Hi, I would like to say that i love this app since a long time ago, great work with v3. I apologize if this has been reported previously however there are a lof pages for this thread. I noticed when using the latest beta that the song currently being played is different from the one shown on the bar below. (Check https://imgur.com/a/Urvc6k2) which was a song I actually played before launching the app again and switching albums. Using a Moto z2 play w/ Android 7.1.1 Also, I would like to add 2 possible suggestions if possible: -Allow to have next song instead of metadata below -Have an option where before pressing the back button on the phone, it shows a warning like "Press back again to close app". Sometimes i tap the back button quickly or more times and the app closes when what i wanted instead was only going back to the library list. This is similar to what happens on different apps. Thanks!
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