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  1. hey, anyone has solution? don't ignore
  2. Even after turning on Bluetooth absolute volume the distortion(but very less) occurs while playing with spotify. And volume goes down. Now i have to put 70% volume to listen.. Any solution or i am missing something. One more problem : importing of equalizer is not working for me. I tried to import from PA to PA eq and then for cross check i tried to import into PA. It shows fail.
  3. hey, I am getting battery drain here
  4. yeah, I wanna request a feature. It will be easy if we can get PA eq in quick panel. If possible instead of persistent notification, notification like Pano Scrobbler would be good. Sorry, If i am saying non-technical without knowing the difficulty of facts. Thank you.
  5. Eagerly waiting for update. Now I am desparate.
  6. It has been 2 years or more, Dev still has no attention towards it. CrossFeed and Auto Sample Rate changing must have features. Please don't ignore this.
  7. Would you please share the settings of full song information in the list to us?
  8. How the edges are round? This is a 3rd party skin or setting?
  9. Worked For me. Thanks. Problem was in Replay Gain.
  10. Bug in setting search. Edit: After uninstalling reinstalled Problem solved but couldn't restore Ratings in Playlist backups. This beta version is giving me pain.
  11. With this setting I tried to play this and i got low volume output. With the same volume i played it Musixmatch it gives good volume what it should be. Listen this song with this settings. And with lastest beta update I lost most of my playlist ratings. 12-1-20 02_14.poweramp-settings
  12. Ok, Go to All songs then three dot-list options- by shuffle order (here you can shuffle whole songs for once) But in Playlists go to a particular playlist then three dot-resort-shuffle(random sort) (here you can shuffle as many as you can. So my request is to add this feature to all songs so we can shuffle as many times as we can. Thanks in advance.
  13. Please fix or add to shuffle as many as times In Resort of All songs like it is present in resort of Playlist.
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